Overwhelmed? Me? Not today!

I’m currently feeling overwhelmed by things in my life, which usually makes me feel anxious and, temporarily but deeply depressed again.

Knowing that it all stems from having so many opportunities waiting for me to dive into – which is extremely exciting it has to be said – doesn’t usually take that feeling of dread away.

Knowing that some of the opportunities are things that I’m really interested in and have been keen about for a long time, doesn’t help to elevate my mood.

Knowing that there are new things that I’ve just found out about and I want to look into, doesn’t tend to inspire me to take action.

Knowing that there are all those things that I’ve bookmarked for a rainy day that I’ve always wanted to do – such as spending the whole time reading a book – doesn’t shift me.

There’s also all the mundane, day-to-day things to do or catch up on which I keep putting off (like the talented procrastinator that I am) which obviously wouldn’t enthuse anyone on a day such as this.

But ……..

….. today I’m approaching things differently.  Today I’m trying out a technique I’ve recently read and heard about that I think might help me a lot.  Something that I’m going to try for a while (I promise to get, and post, all the relevant names, research, links etc together when I’ve done a bit more experimenting).

This is day 2;  it worked like a dream yesterday and it’s proving to be working out well again today.   Hurrah!!

So, today I’m telling myself – out loud – that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed;  it’s okay to feel reluctant to get on with anything;  it’s okay to procrastinate;  it’s okay to feel unsettled;  it’s okay to feel angry with myself for not being more constructive;  it’s okay for me not to feel motivated.

Deep breath in.      Hold, 2-3-4.      Breathe out fully.      Hold, 2-3-4.

Repeat.     Sense the calm.      Repeat.     Sense the deeper calm.

I’m choosing to ignore all the “ought to”, “should do” and “must do” messages my brain is sending me, just for today.  Instead, I’ve arranged coffee dates with friends, done a little housekeeping on my computer, written a blog post.  None of them are things my conscience is telling me to do but they are things I want to do; things I choose to do.

It’s being a very good day today.  I might have been feeling overwhelmed and paralysed to get anything done first thing this morning but I’ve actually achieved a huge amount today!  I’ve even done some research – – – – – OK vs okay!   (see what I found here)



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