I’ve just picked up this book – “Time Warped” by Celia Hammond.  It’ll be my bedtime reading for the next few weeks.
Time Warped by Celia Hammond

I’m always intrigued by time:

  • Why there doesn’t seem to be enough time when you’ve so much to do.
  • Why time hangs so heavy when you’re feeling sad or lonely or depressed.
  • Why it slips out of your hands when you get up early in order to get certain things done before you head off for that appointment.
  • Why we can’t time travel.
  • Why we shouldn’t time travel …..
  • …. and why perhaps we should.

And, of course, all the things Ms Hammond mentions on the back of her book:-

  • “Why does time slow down if we think we’re about to die?”
  • “Why does life speed up as we get older?”
  • “Why does the clock in your head sometimes move at a different speed from the one on the wall?”

So, in this, my first proper post, I’m going to start to see where my thoughts go, how they relate to my own experiences and how they might affect my future.

After so many false starts with this blog, I’ve finally got it together and produced something I’m proud of and will commit to.

Maybe it just wasn’t the right time before today!


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