Hello.  I’m Carole and this is my blog.  Welcome.

The idea for this blog is for there to be somewhere where my thoughts can roam free on any and all subjects that affect my life and for which I have something to say or share from my experiences.

They could be things that inspire me or that perplex me.  Or, they could simply be something that I’d like to share.

There are plenty of sites out there offering “awesome insights” and courses that will “change your life”.  This site isn’t one of them.  It does, however, offer you information about my experiences and the things that helped me each time.  If they provide you with insights into your own life or if they help you change your life then that’s all good. But there’s no pressure here!

Carole xx

P.S.   While I’m finding my feet here I’m aiming to add a new post every Thursday.

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