Guest blog – “Giving Up The God Business”

Today, rather than putting my own thoughts down on this virtual paper, I’d like to share a post with you that has struck a chord with me and got me thinking about the whole love thing .

The post is from the page This Cloth, This Colour, This Cut which contains the musings of one Paul Cromford and I must tell you here that Paul is actually my husband.  I’ve not been coerced into sharing his musing and I am not doing so from some sycophantic wifely devotion; I do actually value his musings and, it has to be said, I am his harshest critic.  Really!

So, here is the link to his musing —  “Giving Up The God Business”  — and I hope you find it as intriguing and thought provoking as I have.

I also highly recommend exploring the other posts on his page — This Cloth, This Colour, This Cut; they follow no particular formula and range from involved, deep thinking at one end of the spectrum to other more light-hearted at the other end.